Active leisure

Active leisure

Sailing courses for beginners

Sailing is taught in groups, but individual attention is given to each student. You will learn theoretical subjects: rules of safe sailing, how to understand wind directions, understanding the principles on how to steer and make shore turns on the simulator. In the practical part: you will understand how the sail works, how to rig it, how to stand up, take off and sail. You will learn to sail against and down the wind, steer and make turns in the water. You will be able to return to the place where you started. You will become addicted to sailing!

Price includes: board, sail, hydro suit, safety vest, instructor‘s work.

Duration: 6 hours, two days for 3 hours.  Price: EUR 100.

Kitesurfing courses

Tandem swimming with an experienced instructor using a single board and a traction kite. Kitesurfing lasts 8 hours, during which it is impossible not to learn! Price: EUR 50 per hour.

NEW A walking trip “From Nidden to Nida”

Would you like to visit a XIX–XX c. Nida and learn how a small fishers‘ village grew into the town of Nida, today an administrative center of Neringa? During this tour you will hear stories about this place‘s life and culture, you will learn how artists expressionists discovered Nida and why the Nobel prize laureate Thomas Mann built a summer house here. Besides, you will count other people‘s money: how much did construction of Nida‘s Lutheran church cost and what salary Nida‘s teachers used to get? The route will bring you as well to the saddest times of Curonian Spit‘s history – two world wars left a deep trace in the local people‘s memory. Duration: 2 hours (3 km). Size of a group – from 10 to 25 people. Price: EUR 5 per person.

A walking trip Histories of Nida

During the tour, you will learn about the development of the Curonian Spit, unique periods of its history, as well as about the life, household, and traditions of local fishermen. Travelers with a guide will visit one of the most popular places on the spit – Parnidis Dune, enjoy the panorama of Nida, and get a closer look at the principle of operation of the unique sundial-calendar. The tour is conducted in Lithuanian, English, Russian, Spanish.

Duration: 1,5–2 hours (3,5 km). For groups from 10 to 25 people. Price: EUR 5 Eur per person.

Bird watching in the Nemunas Delta

Watching birds is a wonderful way to spend your spare time. The Nemunas Estuary Regional Park is called the birds‘ heaven with good reason, it attracts bird watchers. Every year during spring and autumn migration impressive flocks of birds stay here. During this tour you will see a unique natural landscape, will get to know wild birds and will visit cultural objects. 

Duration: from 6 to 8 hours. Price: from EUR 20 per hour.

Go fishing in Kintai!

We invite you to go fishing! You will have a good time spent near the pond and we will organize a fishing competition for you. You won’t need to take your fishing rod or bait with you, we’ll take care of everything. Both children and adults can participate. After the competition we will invite you to the “Bath House” (lith. „Pirties namas“), where you can discuss the competition, enjoy yourself in the hot tub and spend time in the sauna. It‘s Fish o‘clock!

Price includes: pond booking, fishing equipment, bait, referee services, sauna, hot tub and fish-soup.

Duration:  4 hours competition and reservation of BATH HOUSE.  Price:  EUR 50 per person for groups from 15–20 people.

Recreational trip “Water activities and recreation in Nida”

After arriving to Pamarys you will stay in the “Venice of Lithuania” in the village of Mingė and after an overnight stay you will board a boat. After sailing to the Curonian Lagoon you will be able to try stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing and wakeboarding, compete with each other in the wooden rowing boats contest “Find a fish” (lith. “Surask žuvelę”), and after having fun, tired but happy, you will return to the boat, where captains with hot lunch and a picnic with foodstuffs of local producers with be waiting for you. You will sail on a comfortable boat in order to rest and walk around Nida.

Trip duration: 12 hours. Price: customized according to the individual order.

With bicycles around the Curonian Lagoon

The trip begins with crossing the Curonian Lagoon by ferry from Dreverna to Juodkrantė. Bicycles will be waiting for you there. The route starts in Juodkrantė and ends in Nida. Throughout the trip you will pass Pervalka, Preila, visit the tourist attractions and relax briefly by the sea. At the end of the trip you will take a boat to the Nemunas Delta, where you will be served a steaming dinner and an overnight stay.

Route duration: approximately 8-9 hours. Price: from EUR 54 per person.

Price includes: guide services, overnight stay in Rusnė or Mingė, ferry trip to Dreverna – Juodkrantė, Nida – Rusnė or Mingė.