Culinary cruise “Fish Road” (lith. “Žuvies kelias”)

It is an exclusive culinary water tourism route in Pamarys region, cruising the Curonian Lagoon,  Nemunas Delta, Minija river and King Wilhelm Canal. During the cruise you will admire the Pamarys nature, visit the tourist attractions of the region, learn about the shipbuilding, history of fishery, and most importantly – taste the dishes of fish culinary heritage. The cruise is unique because t during the trip and you are navigated in four waters on speed boats. There is a possibility to choose routes of different length and duration. Individual offers may be arranged.

Duration: one day. Price: from EUR 170 per person, for group of 10-30 people.

The tasting of Pamarys fish

Pamarys region is the land of fish and the fish here is REAL and DELICIOUS! During the tasting you will try: “PAMARYS” fish-soup, smoked fish, cold fish snacks and hot dishes. Everything will be finally finished with drinks and the dessert that go with the dishes. The fish you will taste were grown in our Kintai, UAB fishery ponds. During the tasting you will play, learn about the history of the company and the region, and if the weather’s nice – admire the nature! We PROMISE that you will be full up, bitten by mosquitoes and happy with a perfectly spent time! LET’S TASTE?

Duration: 3 hours. Price: EUR 50 per person, for groups of 15-25 people.

Educational program in the winery “MEMEL Wine”

Acquaintance with the winegrower and history of his family. Educational tour around the winery, tasting of all MEMEL Wine wines. Wine stories, discussions about Lithuanian wine and the matching of homemade ripened cheeses to wine.

Groups of up to 50 people are accepted, prior registration is required. Tastings are conducted in Lithuanian and English.

Duration: 1-1,5 hours. Price: from EUR 15 per person.

“Rusne Villa” nobiliary dinner

Authentic Lithuania Minor landlord’s food and drink tasting dinner with educational program in a private hall.

Duration: 3- 4 hours. Price: from EUR 42– 48 per person. Minimal group size – 15 people.

Restaurant “Dreverna” – dinner “On the Edge of the Lagoon” (lith. “Ant marių kraštelio”)

You will be amazed by the restaurant’s “Dreverna” (up to 300 people) fine menu and elegant presentation of the dishes. This is a great place for a cup of coffee or a romantic dinner with a panoramic view of the yacht harbor and the Grey Dunes. Come with your family, have a business lunch or a personal celebration!

During the dinner “On the Edge of the Lagoon” we invite you to taste our Pamarys fishermen wifes’ made dishes for special occasions – Pike croquettes, and snacks are made only from the fresh fish, caught here at the Curonian Lagoon by our village fishermen, which they deliver directly to the restaurant right away!

Duration: approximately 2 hours. Price: from EUR 20 per person.