Excursions and educational programs

Excursions and educational programs

Educational recreational program “Fish Road”

Educational program “Fish Road” (lith. “Žuvies kelias”) invites you to Pamarys’ settlement Dreverna, where nature has created favourable conditions for living and fishing business. With “Žvejytės” you will sing, spin in round dances, learn Prussian Lithuanians dialect. You will taste Dreverna people fish-soup, try the dessert of Lithuania Minor – “gliumzinis“, (curd) cake with “kaffee“. You will taste Klaipeda region’s MEMEL Wine wine and sail the impressive ancient sailing boat “Dreverna” through the Curonian Lagoon.

Duration: 4 hours. Price: from EUR 23 per person. For groups up to 30 people. Boat type: ancient sailboat – cruise boat “Dreverna” or recreational boat.

Activities arranged by shipwright J. Gižas Museum 

The activity “Our weather vane” (lith. “Mūsų vėtrungė”) introduces to the history, purpose, symbols and other important features of the weather vane. Participants paint and assemble a 50×50 cm weather vane, which they can bring home as a memory. One weather vane can be painted by up to 10 participants. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: EUR 20 per weather vane.

Participants of “Make a Fish” (lith. “Pasigamink žuvelę”) activity are introduced to the Pamarys region, its fishing peculiarities in history flow and the main fish of the Curonian Lagoon. They shape a fish living in the lagoon from the modelling clay. While the handmade creations are drying in the oven, they visit the small ship port of Dreverna. Duration: 45 min. Price:EUR 2 per adult, EUR 1 per child

NEW! The activity “Weather vane bag – eco-friend” (lith. “Vėtrungės maišelis – eko draugelis”) is about the influence of weather vane on ecology and their purpose in the Curonian Lagoon region. The reusable shopping bag with a weather vane is being decorated with traditional weather vane colours and symbols. The appliqué is ironed with an antique iron heated with coal.
Duration: 45 min. Price: EUR 5 per bag.

Recreational trip “Water activities and recreation in Nida”

After arriving to Pamarys you will stay in the “Venice of Lithuania” in the village of Mingė and after an overnight stay you will board a boat. After sailing to the Curonian Lagoon you will be able to try stand-up paddle boarding, water skiing and wakeboarding, compete with each other in the wooden rowing boats contest “Find a fish” (lith. “Surask žuvelę”), and after having fun, tired but happy, you will return to the boat, where captains with hot lunch and a picnic with foodstuffs of local producers with be waiting for you. You will sail on a comfortable boat in order to rest and walk around Nida.

Trip duration: 12 hours. Price: customized according to the individual order.

“Catches of Pamarys fishermen”

“Catches of Pamarys fishermen” (lith. “Pamario žuvėjų giliukiai”): tourism package includes educational – recreational boat trip around the Nemunas Delta, tasting of smoked fish and fish-soup, educational program of the Pamarys region with a guide. Individual offers can be made according to the needs of each tourist: accommodation, additional entertainment, educational programs.

Proposed route: Minija River – Minija village – Upaitė River – Kniaupas bay (lith. Kniaupo įlanka) – Curonian Lagoon – Atmata River – Uostadvaris – Krokų Lanka Lake – Minija River.

Duration: 3 – 8 hours. Price: customized according to the individual order.

Weather vanes  – painting the magnet

During the activity you will get to know about the history of Curonian weather vanes and Curonian people, meanings of the weather vanes’ symbols and colours, production process. Each will get a wooden weather vane model with a magnet. You will paint it in your own colours and that will reflect your own creativity and mood. This unique souvenir is an exciting gift for your relative or yourself.

Duration: approximately 2 hours. Price: for a group with less than 10 people – EUR 60. For 10 people or more – EUR 6 per person.

Ceramics activity “The Secrets of Clay” (lith. “Molio paslaptys”)

In the ceramics studio you will become acquainted with one of the oldest crafts. You will use your own hands in order to create clay crafts in a cozy creative environment.

Duration: up to 2 hours. Price: EUR 5 per person. For a group with less than 10 people – EUR 50.