Excursions and educational programs

Excursions and educational programs

Educational recreational program “Fish Road”

Educational program “Fish Road” (lith. “Žuvies kelias”) invites you to Pamarys’ settlement Dreverna, where nature has created favourable conditions for living and fishing business. With “Žvejytės” you will sing, spin in round dances, learn Prussian Lithuanians dialect. You will taste Dreverna people fish-soup, try the dessert of Lithuania Minor – “gliumzinis“, (curd) cake with “kaffee“. You will taste Klaipeda region’s MEMEL Wine wine and sail the impressive ancient sailing boat “Dreverna” through the Curonian Lagoon.

Duration: 4 hours. Price: from EUR 23 per person. For groups up to 30 people. Boat type: ancient sailboat – cruise boat “Dreverna” or recreational boat. www.klaipedosrajonas.lt

Activities arranged by shipwright J. Gižas Museum 

NEW “I‘ll build a sailing boat”

At the workshop of shipbuilder J. Gižas we will become apprentices: we‘ll learn about the Curonian flat-bottomed boats, their types, we‘ll learn to use two-handed saw and to plane boards. Each of us will build a sailing boat from veneer prefabrications which will sail on the water.  If the wind will be favourable we will have a sailing boats regatta (during a warm season). You will take you boat home with you. Duration:  1 h.  Price: EUR 5 per person. Minimal group size: 4 people. For pupils of 1-5 form, families. www.gargzdumuziejus.lt

“Time travel to July, 1944”

What would you do if you were told to retreat – to leave your home and friends? In July, 1944 evacuation was announced, the Red Army enters Lithuania and moves towards the German Reich board.
Would you obey? This unique trip by a time machine will take you to a house of a well known family where you will be treated with a traditional pie, invited to do some tasks and will have to make a fateful decision. Authentic stories and experience in Klaipeda Region – do you want to know your fate?

Duration: 1,5 h. Price: 7 Eur. www.gargzdumuziejus.lt

The activity “Our weather vane” (lith. “Mūsų vėtrungė”) introduces to the history, purpose, symbols and other important features of the weather vane. Participants paint and assemble a 50×50 cm weather vane, which they can bring home as a memory. One weather vane can be painted by up to 10 participants. Duration: 60 minutes. Price: EUR 20 per weather vane. www.gargzdumuziejus.lt

Participants of “Make a Fish” (lith. “Pasigamink žuvelę”) activity are introduced to the Pamarys region, its fishing peculiarities in history flow and the main fish of the Curonian Lagoon. They shape a fish living in the lagoon from the modelling clay. While the handmade creations are drying in the oven, they visit the small ship port of Dreverna. Duration: 45 min. Price: EUR 2 per adult, EUR 1 per child. www.gargzdumuziejus.lt

The activity “Weather vane bag – eco-friend” (lith. “Vėtrungės maišelis – eko draugelis”) is about the influence of weather vane on ecology and their purpose in the Curonian Lagoon region. The reusable shopping bag with a weather vane is being decorated with traditional weather vane colours and symbols. The appliqué is ironed with an antique iron heated with coal.
Duration: 45 min. Price: EUR 5 per bag. www.gargzdumuziejus.lt

Route around Dreverna with audio gide

You will learn the history of the place, interesting facts, listen to the songs of the Pamarys region and the local dialect of Lithuania Minor. The post is presented playfully with questions for reflection and guessing. The offered service invites to travel slowly – to get to know, feel, perceive, inspire, see.

Route: 11 km long. Duration: by bike – 2-3 hours, but you can also travel on foot. Price: Eur 5. www.gargzdumuziejus.lt

Food route “From tradition to innovation”

Traveling the food road you will get to know the aquaculture predominating in Šilutė District, its variety, taste local fish dishes from pike perch, burbot or pike. You will hear stories and adventures from fishers‘ life. You will visit a fish famr in Ž. Naumiestis. At Saugai mill you will learn how bread is baked from grain to a fragrant loaf. And how could we live today without novelties?  You will visit a cricket farm where you‘ll tase locally cooked crickets!

Duration: about 6 hours. Price: from EUR 33 per person. Clothing: comfortable. The price includes: site visits and tastings, guide services. www.upaite.lt

“Let’s feel the story of Paprūsė “

Entertainment and intruductive tour “Catches of Pamarys Fishermen” (invites you to take a guided trip by ship  around the fascinating Nemunas estuary. Enjoying the marvelous views of nature and the kingdom of birds you will taste freshly smoked fish and fish soup. You are welcome to choose additional services: accommodation, other entertainment, educational programs.

Duration: 3 hours. Price: agreed for each individual order. www.siluteinfo.lt

“Catches of Pamarys fishermen”

Educational entertainment program “Let‘s Feel the Sub-Prussian History” invites you to a unique city of Švėkšna – to learn the history of the border between the Minor and Major Lithuania, its traditions and culture. Together with the village capella you will learn the local Sub-Prussian culture and get to know its history through games, songs and dances. You will taste our local vines, cheeses and honey. Accompanied by a professional guide you will travel around the city of  Švėkšna, and at the Traditional Crafts Center you will learn about the local crafts and choose an educational program.

Duration: 3 hours. Price: customized according to the individual order. www.siluteinfo.lt

Activities arranged by Švėkšna Center of Traditional Crafts

Excursion around the Curonian Spit

Excursion around the Curonian Spit, introducing the nature, culture and history of this region.

The duration of the tour is 6 hours. The size of the group is up to 50 people. Price: EUR 110. www.visitneringa.com

Excursion around the Curonian Spit using public transport

Excursion around the Curonian Spit, introducing the nature, culture and history of this region. The duration of the tour is 7 hours. The size of the group is up to 15 people. Price: EUR 132. www.visitneringa.com

Sightseeing tour of Nida

Excursion, introducing the history of Nida settlement and the most visited objects. Duration of the tour: 3 hours. Group size up to 35 people. Price: EUR 77. www.visitneringa.com

Sightseeing tour of Juodkrante

Excursion, introducing the history of Juodkrante settlement and the most visited objects. Duration of the tour: 2 hours. Group size up to 35 people. Price: EUR 60,50. www.visitneringa.com