Recreational sailing

Recreational sailing

15 Excursions on boats “Aisytė”,  “Minė”  and speed boat “Luknelė”

Boat “Aisytė” from the village Minija (Mingė). There is a bar and an audio guide on board. During the trip, you will be able to try on-board cooked fish-soup, assorted smoked fish and enjoy nature’s beauty.

3 hour duration route. Minija village – Upaitė River – Curonian Lagoon – Atmata River – Uostadvaris – Krokų Lanka Lake – Tulkiaragė – Minija village.

6 hour duration route. Minija village – Upaitė River – Kniaupas bay (lith. Kniaupo įlanka) – Curonian Lagoon – Nida – Uostadvaris – Minija village.

Duration: 3/6 hours. Price: EUR 360/580 cruise + catering Eur 12 per person. For groups of up to 50 people.

Speed boat “Luknelė”  up to 8 persons, Price:  EUR 72 per hour.

Boat “Minė” up to 24 people. Duration: 2 hours. Mingė -Ventė Cape (lith. Ventės Ragas) – Uostadvaris – Mingė.  EUR 10 per person.

You can order individual: boat “Aisytė” EUR 121 per hour, boat “Minė” EUR 100 per hour.

Ferry to Nida and other trips on boat “Ventainė”

Trips from Ventainė passengers’ pier on various routes on a 50-seater boat “Ventainė” or on speedboats (5-8 seats).

Going fishing with a guide. During the trips we offer you to try fish-soup and snacks on board.

Ventainė – Ventė Cape (lith. Ventės Ragas) – Love Islands (lith. Meilės salos) – Atmata River – Uostadvaris – Krokų Lanka Lake – Minija village – Upaitė – Kniaupas bay (lith. Kniaupo įlanka) – Ventė Cape (lith. Ventės Ragas) – Ventainė.

Ventainė – Curonian Lagoon – Preila – Pervalka – Grey Dunes – Ventė Cape (lith. Ventės Ragas) – Ventainė.

Price: 3 hours –EUR 360, 4 hours – EUR 470.

 “Ventainė – Nida – Ventainė” (according to the schedule). Price: EUR 18 per person.

Trip on boat “Vytautas Didysis”

We invite you to take an unforgettable trip on the National Expedition’s boat “Vytautas Didysis”. Sailing lessons on board with famous shipwright and boat Captain Simas Knapkys await you. Possible stops to get to the shore, famous Pamarys places, acquaintance with life on board from the history of Lithuanian traditional ships, shipbuilding and traditional Pamarys food and drinks to mooring and sailing competitions.

Duration: from 2 hours.  Price: from EUR 30 per person.

“Explore the waterways of the Pamarys”

Boat tour around Nemunas Delta Regional Park waters with professional guide and fish tasting! During the tour you will visit such famous places of our country as Minija village – the Lithuanian Venice, lighthouse of Uostadvaris. During a boat ride you will be able to wave to the Ventė Cape, enter the Krokų Lanka Lake, visit Kniaupas bay and the birds that live and breed there. During a boat ride you will admire the nature and listen to the guide’s stories. In addition you will be able to order “Pamarys” fish-soup and various types of smoked fish.

Duration: from 2 to 10 hours. Price: EUR 120 per hour. For groups from 25 to 45 people.

Day trip from Dreverna to Nida with a guide

Trip to Nida by a comfortable passenger boat with 50 or 15 seats. After boarding in Dreverna, you will reach Nida by sailing the Curonian Lagoon for 2.5 – 3.5 hours (depending on boat type) and passing the Grey Dunes, Pervalka and Preila. During the excursion (2 h and 30 min) you will go up to Parnidis Dune and see the Sundial, after descending from the dune you will have a chance to  learn more about Nida and its history. In addition, order snacks on board, lunch in Nida.

Duration: All day. Price: from EUR 790 per group.