Culinary Cruise FISH TRAIL

It is an exceptional culinary water tourism route in Pamarys region, cruising  King Wilhelm Canal, rivers Minija, Nemunas Delta, the Curonian Lagoon. Route time is possible to admire the Pamarys nature, to visit region places of interest and most importantly – taste the fish dishes of culinary heritage.

Cruising is unique in that all four waters are cruising of four types of boats, travelling in transit from one to another.

There is a possibility to choose different lengths, the length routes. Individual proposals are in preparation.

Duration: one day  Boat type:  Four types of boats or speedboat  Price: rates from 125 EUR per person, it is suitable for groups up to10-30 people


The tasting of fish from the littoral

The littoral region is the region of fish and the fish is always tasty and fresh! During the tasting you will be able to try various dishes made of fish such as: pamarietiška fish soup, smoked fish, cold snacks and also warm fish dishes. All of the fish that will be used in the tasting was raised in the “Kintai” fishery ponds. During the time of the tasting you will find out about the running process of the fishery farm, the Nemunas delta, you will have the opportunity to taste some wine and beer. If the weather conditions are suitable we would have the tasting on the shore of the pond meaning you will be able to enjoy the fresh air, get eaten alive by mosquitos and you will enjoy your time! Shall we start?

Duration: 3 hours  Price: 50 EUR per person, minimum order 10 people


Tourism service package “Pamario žvejų giliukiai“

“Pamario žvejų giliukai” (Littoral fishermen catches) – the tourism package consists of a sightseeing and entertainment onboard while sailing along the Nemunas delta, tasting of smoked fish and fish soup, sightseeing the littoral bay program with a guide.

Offers of accommodation, additional entertainment, and educational programs are available based on individual needs of each and every tourist.

Suggested route: the river of Minija – the village of Minija – river of Uptaitė – Kniaupas gulf –  Curonian Lagoon – the river of Atmata – Uostadvaris – Krokai lake meadow – the river of Minija.

Duration: 3 hours  Boat type: different types of boat  Price: individual orders only

“Rusnė Villa” tasting packages

An authentic noble dinner tasting that includes an educational program.

Duration: 3-4 hours  Price: 35 EUR per person, for groups more than 10 people


Lithuanian wine tasting that Lithuanian noblemen snacks.

Duration: till 2 hours  Price: 25 EUR per person, for groups more than 10 people


“Get to know the ways of the littoral”

A two-day visit in the littoral, during which you will get to know the regional park of the Nemunas delta.  You will be situated in the “Kintai” tourism complex “Mėlynasis karpis”. You will have a supper in the littoral. You will spend the night at the guest house. After the full breakfast you will have an all day trip with a boat, during which the guide will introduce the littoral region, the lighthouse of the Uostadvaris and further-more the extraordinary sights of the Rusnė island. Food and the guide costs are inclusive. In the evening you will be able to enjoy dishes made of fish and relax in a hot tub. The following day, after a full breakfast we will say our goodbyes.

Duration: two days  Boat type: recreational boat  Price: 100 EUR per person, it is suitable for groups up to 30-45 people